Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gargling with whisky.

Today, I am embracing illness, forcing myself to stay in bed and recover what whatever ailment I have woken up with. I am super-sleepy (result of several weeks of not being able to go to sleep before 4am), and my throat hurts.

I've already Skyped David from two rooms away requesting tea, which may explain why he has decided to go study at school rather than home. I am pitiful.

Back home we have a cabinet full of over-the-counter drugs. Here we have some multi-vitamins and a small bit of cough syrup from when David got sick a few weeks ago. I gargled with salt water.

Whisky should dull the throat pain, but the only whisky we have in the house is 20-year-old Laphroaig (whitewhine!)
. It just doesn't seem right to gargle with that.

Apple-cider vinegar it is. Bleagh! Although I bet gargling with whisky would yield a much more interesting blog.

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