Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting, Americans, the Internet, and health care.

This morning I shall wait patiently for the internet people to appear in my flat. I'm not sure if they travel via floo powder or broomstick, but I'm taking bets as to whether or not they arrive during the promised 8a-12noon window. Really, they weren't supposed to come until Saturday. David called and begged them to just drop off whatever piece of equipment we need as soon as possible, so his wife can actually get some work done (and stop spending so much time at Starbucks).

I'm trying to adjust to this slower pace of life. It's strange to be in an obviously bustling city -- much more so than Louisville -- but with people who pay such close attention to things like 5:00pm. When it's 5:00, there is nothing more to talk about. Really, when it's 4:35, it's over.

Looking for a flat was bizarre because we couldn't find an estate agent who would show us anything on a weekend. "Saturday? Sorry, that's the weekend."

My American upbringing tells me this is nonsense and since when to realtors get weekends off? The lifestyle I'm trying to connect with tells me that, yes, people should absolutely get weekends off. And they should not be bothered by pushy Americans who want it done NOW.

I'm going to use this next year as a lesson in patience. Besides, despite every nightmare I heard about the National Health Services and their lines and bureaucracy, it took less than five minutes to register with a doctor last week. But I'm still waiting for internet...

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