Thursday, September 8, 2011

Homes, friends, and black currant jam.

I'm going a bit mad, I think. I'm also amazed by how many wonderful friends we have accumulated over the years and how they have all come together to take care of us during our time of, um, homelessness?

Obviously, we are not in dire straits or anything, but the feeling of homelessness is more than a bit strange. The welcoming arms of friends have bee a great comfort, but we are anxiously awaiting the time when we are not guests. We don't want to be a burden or an imposition, and it's hard to imagine we are neither, despite the protests of those who have offered their beds and roofs.

We spent all day in this beautiful city and managed to have nothing to show for it except a bus pass. Tomorrow, expect that bus pass to get some good use. Tonight, expect my eyeshades and my Kindle to get some good use.

In the mean time, enjoy a photo of some black currant jam, homemade by Catriona.

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