Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All packed and ready to hit the road? Mostly...

Tomorrow morning, I'm off to play at least two weeks straight of shows, mostly in Scotland. For a list of gigs, in case you're in the area, visit my website: http://www.brigidkaelin.com/Site/Tour.html. The rest of you can sit back, relax, and check out my tour blogs over the coming weeks.

I'm promising some video blogs this time 'round, which I assure you will be every bit as exciting as "Peter Searcy Tries Black Pudding," one of my more controversial vlogs, which you can view below if you are reading on my actual blog (brigidkaelin.blogspot.com) or you have to click on the link if you're reading on the Facebook auto-import.

I'm pretty much packed, I think. My suitcase is mostly filled with my saw and CDs, since I decided I can wear the same hoodie for days and only DC will have to smell me.

Also, I'm going to put a moratorium on whining about gas prices in the US. Gas has spiked to over $4.00 a gallon here. To my UK friends, that is about 62pence a liter. We silly Americans are flipping out about those kind of prices, when it's hovering around $10.00/gallon in the UK and has been near that every time I've visited in the past several years. People would take road trips left and right if gas was £2.50/gallon.

Okay, enough math.

The dollar has done its usual thing for when I travel over there. It drops just as I'm getting to the UK, which is cool because I'm getting paid in pounds. Unfortunately, the pound consistently drops just as I'm about to trade all those hard-earned pounds back into dollars. I think I'll just keep them as pounds this time and play Monopoly with it when I return.

Am I forgetting anything? I've got the basics: passport, work permit, credit card, accordion, and a few Xanax. I don't fly well lately. I guess that's all I need, really.

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