Monday, January 17, 2011

Show on January 25

I'm playing a show next week. Can you believe it? I know most of you think I'm just a blogger who writes about food and silly ideas and random travels, but really, by profession -- at least according to my taxes -- I am a musician. Shocking, I know.

Those of you in the Louisville vicinity, please consider coming to Headliner's on Tuesday, January 25. I'm playing at 8:00, and I'm opening for Nellie McKay.

I admit that when I first heard Nellie McKay on the radio, I was envious. Our first albums came out at about the same time, and we had really similar sounds. Except she was getting all kinds of radio play, and I was still playing only in my hometown. I'm over that envy now, and I've had my own adventures. And though our influences are still obviously similar (can't help that we both studied jazz piano), I'm really excited to be opening for her.

It's going to be a really fun evening, filled with irreverent, quirky female songwriters. Don't come out if you're wallowing in a January melancholy, looking for sad or tortured music. Come out and be entertained. Sure it's on a Tuesday, but the show starts early (8:00), and I'll be playing some new tunes.

Oh, and don't forget to pay those estimate taxes. They were due last Friday (oops).

Oooooh ... and happy birthday,
Peter Searcy!

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