Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I won something!

I know that I generally have good luck (although I've blogged before that I believe it's less about random luck and more about creating your own luck), but I have never been one of those folks who wins contests. I've never won the lottery, or free tickets to a call-in radio show, or even any Nigerian bank money.

But this past weekend, I happened to get on Twitter at the exact right moment. Okay, so maybe it was socially the wrong moment, considering I was out having a cocktail with my parents, but, hey, they were playing on their phones too and the football game was boring. Anyway, I happened to browse Twitter just as the Americana Conference folks (@AmericanaFest) were having a contest quiz to win free tickets to the Festival.

Now I love conferences in general. I think they are fun, informative, and always a blast. But the Americana Music Association Conference in Nashville is just about the best one I've ever attended. Last year I was fortunate enough to have an Official Showcase at the event, which is, if I may say, kind of a big deal. Seriously. But this year, I didn't even apply for a showcase because, well, I don't have a new record to promote. I figured I would go anyway, just as a regular ol' attendee, not an artist. Unfortunately, money is tight (it seems we all understand that nowadays), and I calculated that I just couldn't afford to go this year.

Then I was playing on Twitter while I should have been watching football with my parents, and I happened to win the AMA contest for free tickets. Yee haw! It's extra-exciting because I forgot how many of my friends from across the country will be there. It's like camp for the music business, except only with my favorite kinds of musicians. Anyway, I'm excited. Here's the lineup.

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  1. Glad Your get to go. Hope to see you. I'll be at S. Inn on Sat. to see The Coal Porters with Louisville's own Sid Griffin