Friday, September 3, 2010

Everyone should have a piano.

Back when I was a kid, we used to go play at our friend's homes, rather than playing video games with people who live across the globe. We didn't call them by that posh name "playdates," but rather we would "spend the night" or just "come over to play." I loved going over to my friend's houses, and I remember distinctly thinking it was completely weird when they didn't have a piano. To me, having a piano was equivalent to having a TV. What kind of family doesn't have a TV these days? Well, to me it was, "What kind of family doesn't have a piano?"

It still weirds me out, honestly, as it something is missing from the home.

Yesterday, I went dream-home shopping with a friend who can afford it. I love going to open houses and imagining that I could afford these big homes, but I've never gotten to look at one on a Thursday morning. This was a huge 7 bedroom mansion with at least 5 bathrooms (I lost count) and kitchen that included a butler's pantry and a separate staircase for the servants' use. It was beautiful. It was old and needed updating, I suppose, but I kind of like the old quirkiness of those homes.

It only occurred to me this morning, however, what was wrong with the home. In all that space -- over five thousand square feet -- there were gorgeous pieces of furniture, antiques, paintings, etc., but there was not a single piano, or any musical instrument, for that matter. How can you own a million-dollar home and not have a piano?

If I lived in a house like that, I think I'd have a piano in every room. There would be an old upright player piano in the parlor/entry-way. I'd have a baby grand in the massive sitting room, facing the huge bay windows. I'd put a console piano in the back living room, and maybe a harpsichord in the dining room.

Anyway, that's my tip to you realtors and professional stagers. Pianos make a place feel complete. Run with that.

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