Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacations would be better if hotel rooms had pianos.

Forgive me. I've been on vacation. Well, sort of. I tried to leave all things business behind, which only means I'm waaaaaay behind now and have probably made a few enemies in the process. Plus, it wasn't exactly vacation, like lying on a beach in Mexico would have been (jealous, @Loueyville!!), but rather it was endless driving on long stretches of highway, rushing to visit family and friends, making sure my dad was entertained (he came with us), playing with energetic nieces and nephews, and attending FWT's high school reunion. The whole trip was super-fun and it was great catching up with all my favorite Texans, though I am completely queso-ed out and exhausted. As always, I fit far too much into my week off. Now I need a vacation.

I also went a little stir-crazy because I didn't bring a single instrument with me. I knew from trips past that I wouldn't have any alone time, which means I wouldn't get a chance to play or write or sing. When you bring a guitar on trips that involve friends and family, you get the same reponse as you carry in your luggage, "Ooooooh, are you gonna play for us????" I don't like to be a jerk, but playing for a few people in a living room is really awkward, plus it seems sort of self-righteous that I would be carrying an instrument for the sole purpose of gracing my friends with a concert.

So in all those times I shoved a guitar in the trunk, paid for the extra big carry-on, and lugged it in and out of friends' homes, I rarely ever played it because there just wasn't time. This trip, I thought I was being wise by leaving it at home. Not so. There must be something about knowing that an intrument is nearby, or that I could at any moment excuse myself -- even if, in desperation, it seemed rude to retreat to my room -- and go play a few notes. Knowing that it was impossible to go make music made me kind of crazy this time.

I've never been so happy to be home. Yesterday, I spent an hour playing Bach Inventions on the piano and keybaord, even changing the keyboard sound to a harpsichord just for kicks. I played scales, and I worshipped the circle of keys. I tuned up the violin and played "Turkey in the Straw" with a bow that has just barely enough horse hairs to make a sound.

I even started getting a hankering for a new instrument -- a feeling that I thought I was over when I purchased my favorite guitar ever a few years ago. But no ... IAS (Instrument Acqusition Syndrome) is back, and is as fierce as ever. I'm thinking I might need a ukulele this time. Travel-size, and small enough to sneak into a house without having to give a concert, hee hee...

I've got some funny stories to share, but they'll have to wait until another day's blog. In the mean time, it's nice to be back, and I'm going to be a bit more regular with the ol' blog. Thanks for reading. Ooooh, and I'm playing at the Zeppelin Cafe (Burnett and Hickory in Germantown) on Wednesday, August 11 (tomorrow), at 7:30. It's free, and it's an open jam, so bring out your instrument. Just be prepared that I might want to, um, acquire it...

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  1. Harmonica, the perfect travel instrument! Pocket sized and you can keep it hidden if you like.