Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brrrrrrr, I miss July already.

I like the heat. Even the 100 degrees isn't as miserable as a single glance at my friends' Facebook statuses would have you believe. Of course, I'm glad that I'm not a roofer or landscaper, but even so, I haven't minded taking leisurely walks in the heat. I just don't force my giant black dog to accompany me.

I haven't even been to the swimming pool often, so it's not because I have pool access that I like the heat. Honestly, Lakeside's water is over 90 degrees, and that's just not that refreshing to me. I can't swim laps in it, and diving in feels like a therapy pool. I prefer running through the sprinklers if I'm looking for a cool-down.

Some of you love the cold. I think you are weird. It's okay; I have lots of weird friends, apparently. But I can't help remembering how miserable last winter was. It was in the single digits for weeks at a time. Pipes froze, electricity went out, my heating bill was well over $200 (and that was with never letting it go above 64), and everyone was depressed.

Remember that depression? Call it Seasonal Affective Disorder, or call it Arctic Weather Sucks Disorder, but whatever you call it, it was bad. No one smiled at the drive-thru or skipped down Bardstown Road carrying a sack full of fresh locally-grown peaches. The only thing that made me smile last winter was the discovery of house useful my Gag Gift of a Snuggie™ actually was. Whenever I feel like saying, "It's too hot," I remember how February made me shiver.

So I like the heat. I prefer my sundresses to my Snuggie™, and yesterday's gorgeously perfect 76 degrees actually made me sad a little. Sure, it made me feel like running out for school supplies, but it still reminded me that another winter is headed our way, and I STILL haven't booked a January Australian Tour.

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