Friday, July 30, 2010

Interview with Indie-Rock Legend Peter Searcy

I like to embarrass my good friend Peter Searcy when we are on the road together (and apparently in today's blog). He's just so freakin' humble about his music roots. It's funny when some guy comes up to me while we're on tour together and says, "Hey, do you think it'd be cool if I asked Peter for an autograph? I can't believe that's really the Squirrel Bait guy." Peter never brings up the fact that he was in a bunch of seminal indie-rock bands, but there's always some music nerd in the crowd who sits there completely in awe of Mr. Searcy.

Anyway, Peter is playing tonight at Gerstle's in Louisville. His set starts at 10:30 (he promised), but Amanda Lucas will be playing before him, I'm guessing at 9:00ish. In honor of tonight's gig, I interviewed Peter.

You're something of a legend in the Louisville music scene. What are some of your favorite Louisville bands of yore? The Babylon Dance Band is one of my favorites from back in ye olden days. Love Jones never seems to have an off night and they’re some of my best friends. Rob Pennington ( Endpoint, By the Grace of God, Minnow ) has been right on point with all of his endeavors. Screaming John always drops my jaw.

If you could put together a backup band to play with you at Gerstle's tonight, made up of any musician ever living or dead, who would it be? Well, I have the band I want for my show at Gerstles. So here’s my fantasy line up. John Bonham on drums, Matthew Sweet on bass, Ben Folds on keys, Mike Campbell on guitar. This is all subject to change. Bonham is a pretty busy guy with his regular gig with Michael Jackson. Yeah, I know. I thought that was a pretty odd combo myself.

Rumor has it you've been working on a new album. Does this mean you're going to be playing out more? The rumors are true. I have a new CD ready to go. The mastering process has taken a bit. I’m so fired up about the direction and songs. I would love to play more live shows. I miss touring.

Do you like to cook? What's your specialty?
I do like to cook. I like to take care of people when they’re in my home. I have been working on my tofu dishes. My wife is a vegetarian. When I cook it’s easier for me to bend to her dietary needs the her to mine. I can rock a stir fry and make a badass taco salad.

What is your favorite kind of fancy coffee drink? Give me a cup of 100% Kona coffee with some real cream. If you really want to make me smile throw in a glass of 2% organic milk and some chocolate chip pancakes from North End Café.

What kind of movies do you like? I like 70 films like Nashville and Marathon Man. I love Show Girls. I love zombie films.

What are you reading right now? Or have you finished anything recently that you really enjoyed? I just finished The Passage. It’s a vampire book that has a lot in common with Cormic McCarthy’s The Road. Also just finished Andre Agassi’s Bio, Open. Also just finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel.

What a fun, sensitive, rockin' dude, right?

Oh yeah, and I'm playing in his band tonight. See you at Gerstle's Place on Frankfort Avenue. $7 cover. 21+.

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