Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm back! Hullabalou finished ... back to life.

I'm back! Yes, I owe you a phone call, an email reply, a drink, and my new week's resolution is to get to that. I had no idea how much HullabaLOU would take out of me, and I totally understand now why big stars have "people." I would have gone mad on Saturday if FWT, Allison, and Tara, hadn't stepped up and played the roles of Road Manager, Intern, and Attorney, so absolutely perfectly. Thank you thank you for dealing with logistics, so I could actually think about music on Saturday morning.

HullabaLOU was a blast. I honestly was not expecting it to run so smoothly, but clearly someone on staff has put on a big festival before. Most of all, I loved how attentive to the environment and local economies they tried to be. The stages weren't solar-powered or anything, but there were recycling and compost bins everywhere, and the trash bins said "LANDFILL" in bold letters, just to give everyone pause before tossing anything in them. Also, the food area in the infield was mostly local restaurants. It wasn't the most vegetarian-friendly selection, but there were at least a few options for the veggie-minded, at least more than I usually find at events like that.

Thanks to my awesome band: Steve Cooley, Peter Searcy, and Cary Shields (filling in for the quickly-recovering Scott Lankford), who were total professionals and played great.

Thanks especially to the amazing crowd who showed up to hear me, despite my early time-slot. I wasn't expecting even close to that many folks there during my set, but it was packed, and everyone was listening, dancing, even singing along.

I took some video all day long, and I'm going to work on editing it now. A little behind-the-scenes look at all that HullabaLOU.

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