Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun gig and too much ice cream.

Most of the time, the life of a musician is not as glamorous as you might imagine, especially for the independent one. Imagine being your own office manager, human resources manager, marketing department, IT department, administrative assistant, sales rep, product developer, accountant, etc, etc. BUT ... then there are the times when you actually get to go to the gigs, and then you just get to stand up on stage and sing and play and dance and yodel. Most of the time, it's also okay to have a bourbon while you're on stage (although, not too many, or all that effort from being your own salesteam is a big FAIL).

Last weekend, I played a private party that was such a ridiculous little affair that it's hard to believe it was work. I'll skip all the part about setting up the PA and all that boring stuff and tell you that, yes, the part when I played music was fun. I played some of my own songs. I played along with two of my favorite people and musicians, Shannon Lawson, and also Peter Searcy, on their songs. This, That, and the Other was there getting the crowd going, and even ol' Barry from Love Jones jumped up on stage. The music was fun.

When I play private events like this, I'm always amazed at the creativity of the party planners. Not only was there a swimming pool at this party, but the pool had a 40-foot sliding board that winds down through a landscaped jungle. As you might imagine what happens at the party with several open bars, 4 bands, a hot night in July, and a swimming pool, there was definitely some sliding board action.

The food was beautifully catered, but the absolute best part of all was: the Graeter's Ice Cream cart that was parked just past the stage all night. You're hot, you're thirsty, and there are at least six different flavors of individually packed yumminess in arm's-reach. FWT ate seven (7) cartons of ice cream. I had two and a half (but countless bites of cake). It was such a fun night, I almost forgot I was at work.

I like gigs like that ... gigs that are more than just a night at a regular music venue. I like gigs in bizarre places, like that time I played a Public Library with the Muckrakers, or the Ryder Cup Soiree at Churchill Downs, that had a Hall of Bourbon, or the Islay Whisky Festival with its sweeping views of Northern Ireland and random Swiss passers-by. I guess I have an inflated sense of adventure.

Next gig: Churchill Downs infield on Saturday, July 24. I think most of you know about that one.

Ooooh, by the way, my CDs are now IN-STOCK at earX-tacy once again, so please go patronize your local music store, Louisvillians, whether not you plan on buying one of my albums.


  1. Brigid, sounds like you have one heck of a good time. While I do not have anywhere near the talent you do, I love a good song where I can sing and dance as if no one is watching.

  2. Wow, the Courier Journal should profile THAT home in their feature's section. I would like to see that sliding board.
    But, it was nice reading about it here...

  3. sounds like a blast! i'll have to remember to provide all you can eat graeters at our next house concert! :)
    Adam Butler