Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dallas. Yes, the show.

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I don't love TV, which is funny for someone who was a TV Producer in a former life. I have crappy cable, and I'm so rarely home that I just emotionally afford to get addicted to any of the popular/good television shows these days. I watched the first two seasons of LOST several years ago, but I had to forget that I cared about any of the characters. It was just too painful to not be able to keep up to date. (Please don't tell me how it ends ... someday I'll catch up on DVD. That's what long rides in the tour van are for.)

Anyway, those modern shows that I have watched, I've seen totally on DVD, both because I'm never around to make the appointment television and because I don't have good cable. But recently, my Netflix cue sent me Disc One: Season One of .... "Dallas."

I don't remember how FWT and I ended up putting "Dallas" on the cue, but I'm sure we thought it would be funny to watch the show. That is, until we discovered that there are, like, thirteen seasons of programming. Thirteen. We realized we didn't think the Summer of Dallas was such a good idea.

We've only watched the first disc, but I kind of love it. Why? Not because of the glorious feathery hair or the over-dramatic acting, although that is a bonus. I love it because every episode wraps itself up by the end of the hour. If they re-made it today, each little storyline would carry on the entire season, rendering it totally confusing if you missed a week. The surprise is how television has changed ... and that I keep expecting a cliffhanger (I mean, didn't "Dallas" have the most talked-about cliffhanger in television history???). But it's completely satisfying, and I go to sleep chuckling and Crazy Lucy and Goofy Ray and Sweet Pamela, wondering what drama they'll get themselves into next week.

Anyway, it probably won't be the Summer of Dallas, but it's been a nice diversion.

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