Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Manchester, flying, friends.

You'd think that it would be really easy to find the time to write while you're on the road. So much of it is travel, and there's so much just sitting-around-waiting. Although, somehow the sitting-around-and-waiting usually happens when there's no internet service. Or when you're completely jetlagged.

This morning, I woke up feeling great, but that's thanks only to Kirsty McGee. I'm happy to call her a friend, and she was the most wonderful hostess yesterday as I trudged zombie-like to her apartment. Before writing further, I suggest you listen to her music, especially if you like my music. We don't sound alike, but our influences are similar. I love her old-school vaudevillian style and her beautiful voice. Check out this video/song on YouTube; it always makes me smile.

Anyway, I arrived at Kirsty's house yesterday morning after a day of travel. The travel wasn't bad, and I managed to get about 3-4 hours of sleep on the plane. It was pretty good sleep, for a plane, but the 3-4 glasses of wine that brought on the 3-4 hours of sleep kept me from having a total bright-eyed landing.

The wine wasn't my fault. I got bumped to Business Class. I used the hippie new age technique of visualization to will the Business Class seat into reality, but I think having a Delta connection was the driving force. And yes, I've become a bit of a princess with International Travel. It's like that episode of Seinfeld; once you go First Class, you can never go back to coach. The seats weren't as large as I remembered (or perhaps my bum isn't as small as I remembered), but the down comfortable, feather pillow, and glass of champagne made up for any inconvenience. (Oh yeah, I forgot about that glass of champagne. Oops.)

Anyway, one of the awesome things about Business Class is that during dinner, they sneak up when you're involved in your game of on-flight trivia (Attention trivia players on Flight 64: that was me in seat 1F. Yeah, I won.) and refill your Pinot Noir when you don't notice. So it's not until after the warm assorted nuts, the goat cheese salad, and cream of asparagus soup, that you noticed you're already so relaxed that you can save your Xanax for the coach flight home.

The vegetarian entree was a fancy cheese ravioli with pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes with fresh basil. Quite good. I went with the Tiramisu cake for dessert, but I think I should have had the ice cream sundae. I thought it was just a scoop of vanilla ice cream, but the guy across from me ordered it. They serve you the plain scoop, then bring out a tray of various toppings and custom-build the sundae for you. Noticing my ice-cream envy, the flight attendant offered me two desserts, but I opted out, remembering that my seat wasn't getting any larger.

It was a nice ride over, not just because of the service, but because I was seated next to a really nice man named Doug. He had been stuck in the States for a few days because of the volcanic ash nonsense and was flying to England for business. We talked a lot about music and the business and traveling, etc., which is why I got distracted and didn't notice the sneaky flight attendant re-filling my wine glass.

But I managed to stay awake all day long, even as I followed Kirsty all over downtown Manchester hanging up posters for a show she's promoting next week (In today's episode of SmallWorld, it turns out that the show we were hanging up posters for was for James Apollo's show -- the guy I wrote about last week who was playing in Louisville. Coincidence!) Anyway, we had a nice pint about 5:00, then Kirsty cooked the most delicious dinner, full of vegetables.

That's all for now ... Butch arrived this morning and we're headed off to tonight's show. Cheerio!

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  1. Double bugger!!!!! I'm going watching Hayseed Dixie on the 19th. Sorry!

    Big Mick.