Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homegrown Lunch. Mmmmmm.

Hmmmmmm .... salad for lunch. That's not usually something I get excited about. For the most part, I enjoy a fresh salad, but it doesn't usually satisfy me. That's probably more mental than anything; I just feel like a salad should go with a sandwich or at least a slice of fresh-baked bread. But this salad is yummy and satisfying because it's the made of the first pickings from my garden.

My romaine seedlings have gotten to the point where they need thinning. Well, really, they were at that point last week, but I just can't stand picking lettuce like it's a weed. So I waited a week until there were at least leaves on it, then picked the unnecessary baby lettuce heads and turned them into this delicious salad. Throw on some radishes (spicy!!!), a bit of baby spinach (too impatient to wait for full growth), a carrot, and whatever veggies can be found in the fridge, and I have a yummy salad. A satisfying, yummy salad, because everything tastes better when you grow it yourself.

If this were officially a food blog, I'd post a well-lit photo of my delicious salad. But it's just a lowly musician's blog, albeit from one who writes about food and gardening quite a bit.

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  1. Great reading about your homegrown lunch. That sounds excellent and very rewarding.