Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Never been camping.

That's right, I've never been camping. Friend-with-a-Truck has promised he's taking me soon. Many people have promised me that, so I'll believe it when the tent is set up and the fire is started. I even own a fancy tent, but it's never been out of the box. That's probably a good thing for this trip because at least FWT knows that I haven't lost any of the pieces.

When I was a kid, I camped out in my bedroom all the time. I had a "My Little Pony" tent with an arched top that I was quite adept at setting up. My bedroom didn't have my floor space, but it was the perfect square footage for indoor camping. Also, I could still reach the electrical outlets, so I was able to bring my bedside lamp inside. Usually I brought about 10-20 books inside with me, and I set them up against the tent wall, complete with a bookend to keep them upright. I also had room for a jam-box on which I would listen to "Brigid's Awesome Mix Tape for Bedroom Camping."

What can I say? I was an only child. This was extraordinarily entertaining.

Right now, FWT is making a list of things we need, a list that seems far too long. I'm a light packer. You laugh, but I'm serious. When I'm on the road, I bring only a backpack of clothes, usually consisting of two dresses (of material that can be washed in the sink), jeans, and a couple of t-shirts. Even when I'm in Europe for weeks at a time, I have only a backpack and an instrument. Judging from this camping list so far, however, it seems like traveling in Europe is much more rustic than camping.

Anyway, if I disappear for a couple of days, it's because I've hired a house-sitter (and told her where I keep my will) and let FWT take me camping.

And what the hell is a "bear bag?" I think maybe, just maybe, he's adding things to the list that we don't really need just to freak me out...

Anyone have any tips?

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