Friday, January 22, 2010

Mercury is Evil, but I'm going snorkeling.

I don't like to complain, especially when I am writing you from Freeport, Bahamas. Yes, I realize this blog will earn me no sympathy, and, don't worry, I'm not looking for any. But, seriously, what the hell is going on this week? The only explanation I have is that Mercury is in retrograde.

I first heard about Mercury going into retrograde from a wacky British co-worker named Daisy back in New York. She was the brightest person in the office, and no matter how morose I tried to be, she always cheered me up. She not only knew everyone's astrological sign, but she also knew their ascendant, and seventh suns. Sometimes she would come barging into our cubicle (if it's possible to barge into a cubicle) and warn us to cancel our appointments because it was a bad day for Leos to interact with Scorpios OR ... worst of all ... (big music: DUM DUM DUM...!!!) Mercury was in retrograde.

It seems like for the past few weeks, and the past few days in particular, things are just not working out. Several emails have gotten lost, which has seriously interrupted my spring tour planning, miscommunication abounds, passports have expired unnoticed (not mine, don't worry I'm not stuck in the Bahamas), airlines put you on hold for hours then hang up on you.

I wish Daisy had warned me about Mercury this week. Hmpf.

But after the morning's drama, I've decided that I MUST enjoy today. So, like I said, I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm going to tool around on the boat in the Bahamas, learn a few new songs for tomorrow's gig, and change the strings on my guitar, and maybe write a new song.

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