Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My new job.

I remember one day in college, sitting around Garrett's room, perusing the Giant Book of Internships. It was sophomore year, I think, and I was anxious to do something besides go to class and my work-study job. Although I ultimately took an internship at CBS News, I remember one opportunity that stood out. I think Garrett found it, and I don't remember what the company was. I do remember that the job description included "generating ideas." We found this wildly hilarious and imagined ourselves sitting in wee cubicles all day long saying things like, "Eureka! I've got an idea. A blanket with sleeves!" It seemed like the perfect job. Someone else could take care of all the details; all we had to do was be creative and make lists.

Ten years later, this still feels like the ideal job to me. I'm thinking about starting an Idea Generating Company. My first hire will be a scribe to follow me around and write down my brilliant ideas.

Here is my most recent one: It's based on the Roomba, you know that vacuum robot that rolls over the floors and knows when to turn corners, etc. Rather than a large floor robot, it's a tiny version that you stick on your legs in the shower, and it roves up and down your legs and shaves them. There will also be a face version for men.

Seriously, I think Idea Generator would be the best job ever. Let me know if your company is hiring.


  1. http://www.hulu.com/watch/70317/saturday-night-live-woomba

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  3. (I'll try this again, and this time will pay attention to my spelling.)

    If only the internship I'd ended up with had involved generating ideas. It certainly sounds like an ideal job.