Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fresh linen paper and embossing .... mmmmmmm.

When I lived in New York, I loved going to Kate's Paperie. I don't think I ever actually bought anything there, but just browsing the loose-leaf papyrus paper made me swoon. It's a bit beyond the college-student budget, but it was a lovely stopover on the way back to the dorms.

This morning I was on a stationery quest here in Louisville, and I was lamenting my inability to go to Kate's. Finally, I'm a grownup with a genuine reason for nice stationery and a few dollars to spend on it, and Kate's was 704 miles away.

A quick Google search yielded one paper store in town: Papers Unique, a store I'd never heard of that supposedly has been there longer than I've been alive. And here I thought I knew everything about Louisville...

It was so cute!

It's behind Trinity High School in St. Matthews, and the minute Jen and I walked in the door, we knew we'd be there for a while. Certainly it's no Kate's Paperie, but the staff there is way nicer, PLUS they gave us freshly baked brownies and chess pie and banana bread and hot spiced tea. Apparently it's Open House week there, which includes all kinds of specials, like free personalizing and 10% off on Crane papers and various other discounts. (I forget the specifics -- go to their website or stop by for a brownie to check it out.)

Anyway, Rachel, a sweet girl who works there and never judged us for eating several brownies, was also extremely patient with me and Jen as we browsed hundreds of fonts and were unable to make decisions. Thanks for pointing us to the proper serifs, Rachel.

*Disclosure: I did not get a single bribe or item for free or even a discount in exchange for endorsing on this blog. I just really had a pleasant morning there, despite the lack of loose-leaf Egyptian paper.

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