Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cooking at home = leftovers every night. Ugh.

Now that I've moved back into my own house, having been a transient for the past few years, I've re-discovered the kitchen.

I'm also trying to figure out if it really is cheaper to cook at home when I don't have a big family to feed and am not a Sam's Club member. I spent $22 at Kroger's buying ingredients to make my two loaves of bread. Of course, I guess I'll be able to make lots of loaves of bread now. But who wants to eat toast for every meal?

Other recent kitchen projects have included a huge batch of frijoles negros, the recipe courtesy of Rob from the Muckrakers, whose blog was the inspiration for my own daily blog. Today, I made a massive batch of delicious hummus (soaked those chick peas just like I soaked the black beans), as well as a pumpkin loaf, making good use of the volunteer pumpkin patch that is growing in my front yard. (It turns out those decorative mini-pumpkins actually make pretty good pumpkin bread. Bonus points for fitting in the toaster oven.)

The problem is now that my dinner options are: Toast, hummus, black beans, and a slice of pumpkin cake. Those are also my lunch and breakfast options.

Maybe I'll get take-out.


  1. OK, you are going to need to explain to me how you spent $22 on flour, salt, and yeast--the only ingredients other than water than goes into a basic loaf of bread.

    And if I may give some legume storage advice. After you've cooked them, portion them into 2-cup plastic containers, cover them with some of the cooking liquid, and freeze. Then you can make small batches of hummus or black beans as you want them. Beans are one of those things that freezing really doesn't hurt.

  2. Hee hee .. well, I didn't make a basic loaf of bread. I made a 5-grain, and had to buy everything, even the salt. Also, some honey, and two kinds of flour, and flax seeds. It was delicious bread though.

    Thanks for the freezer tips! Can you do a blog sometime on how you plan meals for the week for the two of you? I am completely baffled by this process.