Monday, September 21, 2009

AMA Conference

What a blast! I always end up leaving Nashville with a new pair of boots and several new friends. The first year I went to South by Southwest, I was somehow able to blog everyday of the conference. This time at the Americana Music Conference, however, I didn't even attempt daily blogging.

Let me sum up the week, Harper's Index Style™:

4: pairs of cowboy boots that Friend-with-a-Truck and I brought in our suitcases
7: pairs we returned home with.
2: pairs of boots you get free with the purchase of one
2: hours that John Fogerty played when he was supposed to play 40 minutes
2: average AM time I went to sleep each night
10: songs I played during my official showcase
1: visit to the Noshville Deli (not enough, but at least it was on Rosh Hashanah)
6: latkes consumed at the Noshville
1: meal consisting of pickles and ice cream because they was the only vegetarian items provided by the label sponsoring the luncheon
1: new Texan friend acquired
1: new friend to visit in Atlanta
9: pairs of boots I wanted but did NOT purchase.

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