Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's going on tonight? I have no idea.

Does anyone else out there really miss the LEO event/music listings? I know I'm going to get in trouble for this post because I have a ton of friends who work for LEO. (Before you start to accuse me of using my friends and their jobs to get publicity, I must point out that the LEO is the only publication in town that's never done an article about my music. I've been mentioned in music-related articles, and they've reviewed both of my CD's, but I've not really gotten much press from them. They are much more news-oriented anyway these days.) So anyway, my friends there will probably be annoyed by this post, but I'm not known to keep my mouth shut.

I have no idea what music is going on in town this week, and I don't know where to look to find out. Velocity's listings are much too complicated to read, and they are so ad-filled that it takes too many pages of paper to see all that's happening.

I understand the LEO wanting people to pay for advertisements for their shows rather than just listing them for free, but I'm complaining as a consumer, not as an artist. I want to know what is happening in town, and I don't want to have to navigate my way through the over-advertised and poorly designed Metromix site.

So 3 things..

1) LEO, please bring back your listings.
2) Velocity, please make your listings easier and less annoying to read.
3) Someone please come up with some awesome alternative?

Okay, enough complaining. Now for the positive. I love reading the Velocity blogs. And there's a really cook article on parsley in this week's LEO by my ol' chum Holly Clark. I love reading her enthusiastic articles on botany. I know there are lots of other thoughtful articles in there as well, but I admittedly went straight for Holly's article this morning. Now to catch up on the rest of my reading...


  1. Hear, hear!
    I love Leo's dedication to local stories, but miss the listings a lot . . . oh, and I really don't like that new logo.

  2. LEO was THE source for music news for me when I am Louisville. Sucks to hear that they have changed for the worst.