Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swimming, Freckles, and Ouch!

I'm a redhead. I have more freckles than you do. Don't start counting; I promise you that I have more. (Unless you are my dad.) I collect them, and I started that collection when I was about six months old. It's grown exponentially.

I am also passionate about sunscreen (never less than 30SPF) and wide-brimmed hats. I'd like to sell BrigidKaelin™ wide-brimmed hats at the merch table.

Yesterday at Lakeside, I got a lovely cherry sunburn. I wore sunscreen. I re-applied.

Admittedly, I didn't wear any on my legs. I've never gotten a sunburn on my legs before. Years of sitting in that lifeguard chair with the tops of my thighs exposed, and they didn't burn. I'm a fair-skinned redhead, but I can still acquire a tan.

But yesterday? Ouch. I've got crunchy back. You know, when it's burned and you squeeze your shoulderblades together and the skin crunches?

I discovered the sunburn about 2:00 when I went home. And at 7:00, I returned to the pool to meet up with Friend-who-cooks-pancakes, Friend-with-a-truck, and Friend-in-town-from-Baltimore.

We played, despite multiple comments about my red skin with brown spots. (I looked like Strawberry Chocolate Chip ice cream.) Swimming pools are pure playtime. There was splashing, dunking, ankle grabbing, diving board fun, breath-holding contests.

I also invented what should absolutely be a new Olympic Sport: Water Dancing. It's like Ice Dancing, but in the water. You're gonna love it.

Okay, I'm off to Lakeside. Yes!


  1. Ouch......Do you think the crunch was from fried freckles??

  2. Ouch, I know what it's like to burn easily. What I can't understand is how you got burnt despite the reapplication of SPF. I tend to go in the pool after 5pm, less chance of getting burned.