Monday, June 22, 2009

Greatest Weekend Ever.

Hi there, sorry I vanished for a few days. I'll tell you about it sometime. Not today.

Anyway, the Elvis show at the Ryman was awesome. He left tickets at the door for me, complete with a backstage pass. The show itself was great. Imagine your favorite songwriter playing with the best Nashville players -- Jerry Douglass, Jim Lauderdale, Mike Compton, Jeff Taylor, and more. The music was wonderful. Who knows it they even rehearsed, those guys are such pros. Actually, it looked like Lauderdale was staring at Elvis the whole time looking for cues. I only noticed this because I use the same trick when I haven't rehearsed. But of course, Lauderdale didn't miss a beat.

After the show, we lingered around with our VIP passes and were escorted backstage, where about twenty people, including the band, were hanging out. I didn't want to stand in the line-to-greet-Elvis because he had just finished a show, and I know how it is sometimes annoying to be in the meet-and-greet line when you just want to chillax. (Yes, I said "chillax." Sorry, I watched Twilight last week.)

Then I heard a mellifluous British accent call out, "Did you bring your saw, Brigid?" I looked over, and Elvis motioned for me to come say hi. I floated over there and got a wonderful hug and European kiss-on-the-cheek. We caught up, and he introduced me to Jim Lauderdale -- whom I already knew, and he remembered me too, despite all that tequila -- and Jeff Taylor, exclaiming, "This is Brigid! The girl I was telling you about, you know the accordion player and saw player."

Then Jeff, who is a killer accordionista I'd heard of for years, asked what kind of accordion I played and did I want to see his? So we ran out onto the stage, and I got to play his newest Italian accordion, while he played another. Too cool. I was having so much fun that I didn't even stop to turn around and look at the audience seats and take in that I was playing accordion on-stage at the Ryman. Eeek!

I went back, snuck out the backstage door, hugged Elvis goodbye, and drifted down that notorious alley that Hank Williams used to drink in before the Opry with a smile on my face, knowing that I'd play with Elvis again someday and thinking how cool that guy really is.


  1. Oh my god. I'm speechless. Wow. Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. That is one of the coolest stories ever!