Friday, May 15, 2009

Rivalry With Friend-Who-Cooks-Pancakes

Last week, I developed a case of sibling rivalry for the first time in my life. Obviously, I've never before experienced it, being that I've been an only child. And no, my parents didn't spring on me one of those "I never told you ... you've got an older brother I gave up for adoption during the Summer of Love!" stories. That has happened to several of my friends, believe it or not.

Anyway, Friend-Who-Cooks-Pancakes is a super-good-friend of mine, and I told him a few weeks ago that he could borrow my mom whenever he wants because his mom is dead. See? Only children know how to share. Mom and FWCP get along well enough, and FWCP is a nice and considerate boy who makes my mom laugh.

So FWCP goes to visit my mom in the hospital. That's cool. Mom loves it. (Except the part when her IV starts beeping and the nurses aren't coming and FWCP decideds to start pushing buttons on the IV to get it to stop beeping. At that point, Mom wasn't too thrilled about FWCP's inquisitive mind. I think he pushed her morphine pump a few times to calm her down.)

Then he goes to visit her in the hospital on Mother's Day. That's cool too ... except he brings her a card. A Mother's Day card! A Hallmark card that says, "Happy Mother's Day from your FAVORITE!" I'm a little annoyed because I can't give Mom her present in the hospital. Her present is a garden I planted for her at her house.

Then, FWCPancakes jumps right over that line when he gives her a SECOND card ... seemingly from her two dogs ... that says "Happy Mutt-er's Day!"


But my case of sibling rivalry reeeeeeally escalated when on Wednesday, I decided to go out to dinner with Beth and Friend-with-a-Truck rather than going straight to the hospital. FWATruck texted FWCP to come to dinner with us and FWCPancakes responded: "can't, have to go to the hospital."

I really did shriek a little bit. Then I said, "Is this sibling rivalry?" And FWATruck said, "Yes."

Then I ate pizza and was glad that mom had company until I was able to get there for the late shift.

Thanks for taking care of Mom, FWCP. But I am pretty sure I am her favorite.

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