Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Review, except on Monday (4.20)

Monday Review (4.20)

I have much to say, but alas! it is review day. I'll commence my commentary mañana, and today I will review. It's been a week of highs and lows and not much in between. We've all learned a new protein source and we've mostly all filed our taxes. The fireworks on Saturday were the perfect end to a week, and even yesterday's rain rain rain wasn't too bad. Sunday afternoon was spent celebrating the birthday of a good friend, complete with Derby pie and an impromptu piano singalong. Nothing like a little "Tiny Dancer" to get the room feelin' the love.

Book-It-for-Adults! seems like it's a go. I say, start your engines now ... I'll announce some rules and regulations (brigid style, which means, very flexible) in tomorrow blog. But I say you can backtrack to April 1 with your reading logs. Prize suggestions welcome.

And now for the review:

* Bard -- The Odd Couple reference made me laugh out loud. I'm truly glad that my initials are not F.U. And also, please note the difference between vegetarian and vegan.

* Kelly -- 10g? That's like an entire veggie burger. Impressive.

* Cari -- I'm baffled by the I-Don't-Eat-Chocolate thing, but I'm glad I could be a proper source of entertainment. It's really great to say at family/office gatherings. As long as it's someone else's family/co-workers.

* Johnny T -- I owe you a reply. We'll make that show happen. You know my rider is: anything vegetarian. I'll share with you!

* Mia - yeah it amazes me how Southerners (and apparently many others) just don't know how to cook veggies without using bacon grease or ham stock. Ick about the anemia. I had some friends in high school who did that, but really all they ate were bags of Cheetohs and Diet Coke. That'll make anyone sick.

* Kimberly -- your response was absolutely perfect, and you are totally right. I'm re-printing for those who missed your comment: "I love how this is the one scenario in which everyone becomes a nutrition expert. Do the same people who ask this approach people who are scarfing junk food or overeating at gatherings with the same concern for their health? Do they notice when people don't get enough vegetables on their plates? Most Americans have terrible diets lacking vitamins and minerals and loaded with fat, cholesterol, and sodium, but somehow we all become protein advocates when there's a vegetarian in the room."

* Chris -- Congrats on taxes filed. Glad you made it early. It seems that no matter when I start doing mine, they still always take me until the deadline. I think maybe I'll really procrastinate next year. Then i'll waste less time.

* Mia -- seriously?! An IOU?!? And I thought California was cool. I used to have to file in Kentucky and New York, which was a pain, but at least I always got my refund. Hope you get your money soon.

* Bard -- Ok, Mr. Bard, you TOTALLLY missed the point of that audit blog. I command you to re-read it. I was commenting on how I DO file an honest return, so it's wild that I'm afraid of an audit.

* Brian - Ugh, that is awful. Although, I hope by the time I have to file in multiple states, I'll be making enough money to warrant having my own accountant.

* Jim - I didn't even notice the kudo thing until you pointed it out. Weird.

* Kenny - You can read tomes if you want to, but I think I'd rather put you in charge of a vocabulary list for everyone. Keep track of good words for me, but preferably shorter words that not everyone knows (like "tome," for instance.)

* Tara -- Hmmmm ... you're right about pages. "Things Fall Apart" definitely counts. Maybe anything labeled "Classics" -- I'd count Achebe as classic -- should count double. Like a weighted GPA system. I meant to read Pillars of the Earth before I went on that British tour. Forgot.

* Mia -- Yay! Glad you're in. Definitely choose your own books. That's why I never liked book clubs anyway. I like to choose my own. I think re-reading counts, especially if it's something you read in high school or college. I'm curious to see your reading list. Your rainy day record list is fantastic.

* Paul - I also think audiobooks should count too. "Live reading... as a before bed thing." That is so cute. I think maybe you should be in charge of the rules. We shall discuss. And well-done on the rainy day record list. Those Bach cello suites make me cry every time.

* Bard - Non-fiction and poetry count just as much as Sci-Fi. You read whatever you want.

* Jonathan - I totally agree about Sinead. Glad to see I'm not alone.

* S.R. - niiiiiice.

* Christi -- Yeah, but I'm not so sure how Lawson would feel about being on a list with ABBA.

* Kenneth - Ha ha, glad I qualified my Sunny Day record then. I don't know why that GP record just makes me want to skip through the park, but it does.

* LeeAnn -- "Take a Chance on Me" was stuck in my head for three months. Good to hear from you:)

* Marty -- COOOOOOOL picture! I love them all flying together, how sweet. It's like they're holding hands.

* Meredith - Harry Potter Uno and Fireworks and Margaritas sounds like a great day. Well-done, amiga. Maybe we should do that for our 25-year anniversary.

* Mia - Come to Derby! But if you can't, and you need a killer Derby Pie recipe, I'm your girl. Maybe I'll just post it as a blog one day.

* Arlene -- hit on the head by a stealth bomber ... THAT is a great story!!!

Thanks for waiting a bit for the review. Cheers!

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