Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Derby Week: wednesday Truck Power!

Come out and see me tomorrow (THURSDAY APRIL 30) at my favorite Louisville hangout, The Monkey Wrench, around 9:00. I'm playing with SHANNON LAWSON, one of my best friends and one of my favorite performers.


My Volvo is sick. It's only slightly ill, but it's been out-of-order for a few days. I'm not too worried, as it's only got 196,000 miles on it, which is nothin' for the Swedes.

Yesterday I borrowed Friend-with-a-Smart-Car's Smart Car to run a few errands. It was fun zipping in and out of traffic, cutting people off because the Smart Car is so short there's no way they'll hit you. Plus, everyone wants to stop and look at your weird little car. I let two different people at Whole Foods sit in the car just to show them how big it feels inside.

This morning, however, I borrowed Friend-with-a-Truck's Truck. Friends, I'm torn. Honestly, I'm a little drunk with Truck Power.

I picked up my pal Kyle, who hosts a great radio program called The Weekly Feed, to go out for breakfast. His first comment: "Wow, you look great in a truck." Yeah, that's right, I do. This was the onset of the Truck Power.

First of all, it's a V8, so if you sneeze, you end up with whiplash. The other thing I noticed is that people always yield to a truck. In my Volvo, I can have my turn signal on for a full minute before anyone lets me change lanes. With the Truck, the turn signal barely makes it through a full click before the entire line of traffic comes to a halt in order to allow Me-with-a-Truck to change lanes.

Pedestrians and cyclers cower with fear, even when I'm driving around with my foot hanging out the window and a big grin on my face.

I gave the truck back at lunch. Hmpf.


See you at the Monkey Wrench on Thursday. Yee haw!

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