Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What to do onthe road this weekend?

I'm playing Berea and Knoxville this weekend. Do any of you know people there? I don't think I know a single person in either of those cities.

I'm thinking of moving onward from Berea on Friday and staying the night in Gatlinburg. I've never been to Gatlinburg before, nor have I ever had any desire to go. My classmates in elementray school used to go on family trips there, and someone once told me it was romantic. Sounds horrible to me.

But kitschy, perhaps? I could be up for that.

This week I'm looking for tourist advice between Berea and Knoxville ... someone, please, guide my tour. Know of a big ball of twine? A recreation of Mount Rushmore? THe world's largets loom?

Berea: Black Feather Cafe. Friday 8:00

Knoxville: Preservation Pub: Saturday: 10:00

See you there? OR maybe your friends? Meet me for coffee? Or for loom visitation?

Maybe I"ll just stay in my hotel room and watch Twilight.

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