Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Review (3.29)

Sunday Review

It’s been a loooong time since I did a Sunday review. Time on the road, and it seems like Sundays are my long driving days. I’m back in Louisville, just in time to watch the big basketball game this afternoon.

A couple of thoughts. First, the redhead blog. I forgot to mention how many times in my life I have overhead the phrase: “My first wife was a redhead.” Perhaps we cannot be tamed. I also forgot to say how annoyed I am when someone orders a shot called the “Redheaded slut.” Like last night, this dude from Ohio was buying people tequila shots and redheaded sluts. So offensive.

Anyway ... review:

Caitlin: You know, you might be on to something. Louisvillians might be like Australians. We are always traveling, and we talk to strangers. So we meet each other abroad.

Marty : “three person town” . . i like it. I had that experience again during SXSW. I saw a random guy in a Louisville hat, and I had to talk to him. He only had to throw out one name, and we had a match.

Liz: It rained last night, and I considered target bags on my red boots. But I pulled through sans plastic. PLastic bags are bad for the environment, even though they are good for my boots. Of course, my leather boots are bad for the environment, so I guess I”m a little sanctamonious.

Mike: Oh yes, a sports expert. That was hilarious. I’m still bummed that Syracuse lost. I thought my picks were much more interesting than the other “Experts.”

Brian M: Mexico and the Bahamas? Those are places I would love to be camped out right now, looking for fellow Kentuckians.

Rob, Troy, Bard: What can I say? I have a pinch-hitter sometime. I think I might have several guest bloggers this year ... maybe I can get Elvis or Garrison to do one.

Mia: Ha! The sterilization of indie-rockers via skinny jeans. Now that would be an interesting study. Indie-rockers might be a dying breed.

Biggus Mickus: The Towler! When can I come back? I want to bring a band. Does Bury have any good festivals? Man. I really really really want to get back there. Now. I’ll open for myself, then my band will play. We’ll wear mustaches so no one will recognize us.

Rachel: "We don't think you know who you are as an artist because all your songs are not the same." ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Wow. I’ve heard that too. How totally absurd. We should write some completely off-the-wall song sometime. Fun fun fun.

Bard: Yep.. it’s an electric acoustic saw... as in not a chain-saw... but a handsaw ... that plugs in. It’s awesome.

Mia: Still working on that cilantro pesto recipe. I used pine nuts and it was pretty amazing with just garlic, olive oil and clilantro. I think the trick is using a real mortar and pestle and grinding the pesto rather than chopping it.

Roz: Yes. Lynn’s. Bloody. Mary’s. Wow.

Cari: Ha, yes, every time I go to California, I walk around trying to figure out how many of them are high. It seems like everyone has a prescription.

Jim: Ah yes, the Christmas ornaments. He picked them up.

Mia: Bourbon for teething. Duh, who doesn’t do that?

Daniel and Whirllygrrl: What’s your favorita salsa?

Jim Local Long Distance: THanks for making the set list on Friday. Good times.

Sally: THanks for the radio tip -- great station!

Teresa K and Mia: I think there may be something to dying your hair red and suddenly acquiring the “redhead personality.” I keep telling my friend Meredith to go red.

Stacy: Yep. Redheads rule.

Roz: You’re right ... i definitely notice redheads more. We notices each other over here. In Ireland ... not so much.

Bard: I definitely think I’ve become comfortable in my inner quirkiness. ANd out quirkiness too. THanks for lookin’ out for me:)

Karen: The “bottle of color” is terrifying to me. I’ll still to my henna conditioner for now ... when it starts greying, I may change my mind. Or I”ll go Emmylou style and just be the silver-haired accordionista.

Tom: Thanks. You are sweet.

Wayne: VEGEMITE!!!! Aaaaaack! Where can I get that here? Totally disgusting. But not quite as disgusting as boxed macaroni. Can you please book a tour for me and Peter so we can reunite the Fearsome Four?

Bard: Nope, I recycled the box. And ate its contents. But noe the paper warpping around the “cheese” powder. I recycled that too.

Trees: It’s easiest to argue when you’re always right.

Mia: If you’ve got a good cannoli recipe, pleeeeeease share!

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