Friday, March 6, 2009

Impromptu concerts and a "Day Off."

Today I decided to take a day off work. I know you're probably thinking that everyday is a day off for a musician, but I'm usually bogged down with emails, booking, touring, writing, printing press kits, googling festivals, and blogging. It's not all sparkles and cowgirl boots.

By 10:00, I'd already been to the gym AND the pool and was ready to pick up my dad for our planned morning at the golf course. (No, I'm normally not Sporty Spice. I just think you're supposed to go golfing on nice days.) But alas! the wind picked up and rain seemed imminent. Dad and I decided to go downtown, have lunch at Cunningham's, and go by Louisville's premier radio station for their weekly Live In-studio Concert Series: Live Lunch, this week featuring Justin Townes Earle.

First of all, I enjoyed a delicious Bloody Mary because, well, it was my day off, and I felt like I'd been away for 8 hours already, and it's Friday, and really because I'm a grown-up, and I can do whatever I want. Stop judging:)

I've been trying to hear Justin Townes Earle for what seems like years. Every time he's in town, I'm on tour. He's playing Louisville tonight, but I have a previous engagement. I was pretty excited when I heard he was playing on WFPK. So Dad and I skipped across 4th Street into the fabulous studios only to hear that Justin was running late and wasn't going to make the show after all. Drats!!

I went back to say hello to a few friends who work there and grab a few cookies from the extra boxed lunches, when I noticed the staff and some of the audience was still there in the studio, hanging out, eating their lunches, and sad to not get a concert.

Do you know what else hangs out in the WFPK Studio performance space? A Steinway grand piano.

I'm not sure how it started, but suddenly I was playing Gershwin, and the audio engineer set up a microphone, and the audience was clapping after I played something. One of my favorite DJ's was there, and she sang a rockin' blues song while the audio engineer and I played blues on the piano. And it somehow morphed into my own Live Lunch, complete with an interview portion where I dispelled some rumors (Louisville's a small town ... people talk) and offered up half of a new song I've got and complete versions of many old ones. I was a little hesitant at first because it wasn't supposed to be my show. But then I thought about how those people had taken time off work to come hear a lunchtime concert, so a concert they shall receive!

So much for a day off work. And I still haven't seen Justin Townes Earle. But, wow, do I love my job.

If you're elsewhere in the world, check out WFPK. It's a great station, and you can stream it live.

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