Monday, March 2, 2009

Frozen Hair After St. David's Day? Unacceptable.

As I walked home from Lakeside this morning (my favorite swimming hole in the world), I experienced a strange phenomenon: my hair froze.

My hair is long. And curly. And for several moments on the half-mile walk home from the pool in 30-degree weather, I was concerned that my long, curly hair might break off like an icicle.

I know that isn't really possible, mostly from lots of Trial and Error at winter swim practices as a child. But I still tentatively, and somewhat excitedly, snapped my hair on the walk home, secretly hoping that it might break. Because wouldn't that be a hilarious story as to why I suddenly had short hair?

Before you chastise me for walking half-a-mile home from the pool with wet hair in below-freezing weather in nothing but a t-shirt, jeans, and a sweatshirt, remember that germs cause colds and pneumonia, not wet hair and cold weather and inappropriate clothing.

I'm finished with cold. I put away my gloves and hat and scarves
already. I'm going to Texas in 12 days. It's sundress time, folks.

Besides, yesterday was St. David's Day, the official start of spring in my book. I like Wales and its crazy language. Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus! My Welsh friends once told me to eat a daffodil in honor of St. David's Day, which I obviously did. I'm still not sure if that's something they actually do over there, or if they were just having a bit o' fun with a gullible American. Either way, daffodils are rather tasty.

In honor of St. David's Day, here's a video Peter Searcy and I made in Wales last fall. I actually have a lot of other funny footage to edit from that trip. Maybe i'll post new Travelogues later this week.

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