Monday, March 16, 2009

Austin day One-ish

Despite the fact that I'm technically down here for work, I have elected to treat it like a vacation. Thus, all nachos are fat-free and margaritas are equivalent to water.

My chaffeur and I arrived on Saturday night after driving 1040 miles directly with only three stops for gas/restrooms/stretches. Our last stop was Texarkana, and we then busted straight on for six hours until reaching Chez Lyzz.

Lyzz is my college roommate and lifetime BFF. You may remember her from the short-lived reality show called Manhunt or perhaps as the foozeball player at the fake costume party in Legally Blonde. She's in Scotland this week, working on a Top Secret Investigation. I am housesitting. Luckily, said housesitting gig coincides with SXSW. My timing is impeccable.

Yesterday morning after waking up in Austin, Chaffeur and I went on a hunt for a coffee shop. We settled at a place called SummerMoon where I'd been once or twice before. Immediately, the craving for TexMex overcame me, and we ordered breakfast tacos. Cilantro Pesto = perfect. From now on, everything I make needs cilantro pesto.

Since it was still early, I popped over to visit my friend Wendy Colonna, also a rockin' chick singer. I stayed long enough to watch her chicken lay an egg and hear the rooster cockadoodle-doo.

Then ... it was off to Maria's Taco Express. And all this before 11:00! Gotta love a good time change.

Guy Forysth is one of my favorite performers ever, and it was a really fun gospel brunch show. Yes, I know you're thinking: wow, Brigid singing gosepel tunes? Never fear, folks, I was just the accordion player. I did throw in some backup vocals here and there. The fun part of this gig was playing with a clarinet and a trumpet player and acting like we were the big horn section of a Large Band, only the much dorkier verson.

I also played musical saw whie Guy sang "Summertime," which I found odd because Guy is the only other professional musical saw player I know. Another blog about Guy to follow someday -- someday when I get him to get his ass up to Louisville for a show.

I love Austin because you don't have to wait until 1:00 on a Sunday to enjoy a margarita. And every single place you go gives you chips-n-salsa.

For example, Polvos restaurant, where there is such a thing as a Mexican Martini, a bizarre drink that cuts out the overly-sweet qualities of your classic margarita completely. Olive juice is the key, and I highly recommend it.

Aside from a quick popover to one SXSW event and the actual gig I played yesterday afternoon, all day felt like vacation. I saw several good friends from Austin, and I met many new ones.

Today's been a long day already, and I'm completely into the concept of the siesta. I'll play catch-up in tomorrow's blog and see where we are. First, a quick nap because then I'm going to a honky tonk.

Sorry if this is reading more like a travel journal than a clever blog entry. But, hey, it's what I'm doing lately.


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