Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week-in-Review (2-8-9)

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It's been a good week. My problems have been trivial. A sore back, a car stuck in the ice, and some frozen pipes. I played a rockin' show with some good friends and frolicked around Louisville most of the week. I decided to become a plumber. After playing a good show to several hundred people, I decided maybe I should stick to show biz. Good times.
Let's review.
liz: Texas Stonehengeis amazing. It's exactly what wealthy oil-folks should do with their excess money. Also on the same land: Easter Island statue replicas! I make a pilgrimage every time I'm in Austin for SXSW or other activities.
karen: Yep, I own an auger. I bought it back when the sink was clogged, but then I just used a lot of Drain-o and some boiling water. So I've never actually used the auger.
Chris: No, the trap wasn't frozen ... we had de-thawed it ... still clogged:(
robert: I may not have actually NEEDED it, but I've got stupid-arthritic hands, so the monkey wrench was a really helpful tool. Plus, it's got the word "monkey" in it, which is fun. And the next time my car's stuck, I'm calling you ... thanks!
Butch & Dana: They sort of did that in middle school, only for some reason I took shop. I remember I was really really into using the jigsaw. I made a bunch of wooden letters that spelled out people's names. I also was into branding letters onto leather belts. Weird. I also remember learning how to quilt in elementary school. Not useful.
Bard: When I'm plumbing, I plumb in a dress. So there are no plumber-crack jokes to be made.
Trees: I wondered if anyone would mention the Foo Fighters... good job. And the "don't give up your day job" made me laugh out loud. LOL-style.
Val: I'm so glad I don't have to deal with people without hot water. I am re-considering the plumbing thing.
Rae: I hadn't even THOUGHT of the saw! And here I thought I would have to invest in all kinds of new tools ... a saw and a monkey wrench might be all I need.
Aaron: Aluminum foil?!? Hilarious. Remind me to have you housesit for me sometime. I love wacky roommate antics.
Rainbow: Vitamin time! Hope you're peeing electric vitamin yellow.
Cheerio, everyone!

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