Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The many talents of P-Searcy. (sort of like P-Diddy)

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I was unsure what to write about today. I thought about writing about how completely stubborn I am and how the most frustrating thing about still having no heat or electricity is that I've had to rely on other people for basic needs. Not being able to take care of myself is making me crazy.

Then I started thinking about my fantastic friends who have been there for me the past week (and really, who have been there for years), and I was just amazed at how incredible these people are.

So today's blog is about my cool friend, Peter, who is one of those people who is good at everything. You know, he'll just decide he's interested in something, give it a go, and suddenly he's the #1-ranked tennis player in Kentucky in his age division. (I might have gotten that fact wrong, but, he's some superlative.) We all know he's a great singer and songwriter and cellist and plays just about every other stringed instrument too. But he's also a great painter. Check out his MySpace to see the adorable paintings of his kitties and doggies that he did. And he makes a hell of a Taco salad.

Recently, he decided to try his hand at video production. As a former professional TV producer, I am giving a mostly non-biased opinion, that his new video is fantastic. He teamed up with Chris Witzke and produced a video for his song "In the Morning," that looks smokin' hot. Thought I'd share:

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