Monday, February 23, 2009

Cap and goggles: check.

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Grrrrrr. What is the point of getting up early when it just means you have to warm up your car? And once there are a few consecutive days of tolerable warmth, there should NOT be a day of car-scraping until November. I'm over the winter. I need a winter home in the southern hemisphere.

I'm going swimming soon. (Little known fact about me: I was once a swim coach. I actually grew up a competitive swimmer, a Butterfly-er, if you will. I was never fast, but I could tread water while holding a ten-pound brick for twenty minutes.) Winter swimming is not my idea of fun, but I am going stir-crazy for lack of activity.

My dog is six now, and being that he is a Great Dane, he is now a "senior" dog. He can't keep up with me on land. This does not mean that I am taking him swimming with me. It means I have no motivation to go for a walk without my sweet sweet puppy. I suppose I'll have to get back in the water.

Swimming is not one of those things that just comes back to you. My strokes are still good, but my endurance is shot. Take a wee bit of time off, and it's like starting your marathon training all over. Well, maybe, I've never run a mile in my life, so what do I know about running?

Running is dumb. I understand running after a ball, or running away from a predator (e.g. Chiropractus Rex), but just running? No, thank you. Swimming is nice because it's like you're getting a massage. Plus, it makes my sinuses feel better. And I can also bend and stretch all kinds of muscles, and I won't fall over. I love a lack of gravity. Swimming also relies on the Metric System, which is one of my favorite Causes. It's also very quiet underwater, and you never have to worry that you might get hit by a car.

Anyway, the main point of this blog is that if I blog that I'm going swimming, I won't talk myself out of it. I'm only going to do a 500 though.

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