Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Things about Me.

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Ok, so that thing's been going around Facebook for a while now, and I didn't post one. Today, however, I'm having one of those what-the-hell-am-i-going-to-blog-about days, so instead, I'm posting a 25-things-list.

1. When people ask me what my favorite color is, I always say purple. But really, it's red.
2. I had Perfect Attendance from kindergarten through 12th grade. When I graduated, I received a silver bowl with my name engraved on it. The kids who did this the year before me received a trip to France.
3. I have never been camping.
4. I once climbed Mount Fuji in Japan overnight with a backpack and a headlamp to watch the sun rise from above the clouds.
5. I own a stick shift car, but I am terrified to drive it in actual traffic. My dad and I traded cars about two years ago, and I drive his Volvo wagon. He drives my Acura Integra.
6. My favorite food is watermelon. And lately, nachos.
7. When blue M&M's came out, I refused to eat them. Food should not be blue.
8. I met my college roommate on an America Online chat room when I was sixteen. We are still BFF's, and I'm going to visit her house in Austin in March.
9. I've never been to continental Europe. Well, not exactly true ... I spent three days in Paris once, but that's it. Paris doesn't count.
10. I've been to five island nations: New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, UK, and Japan.
11. When I worked in news, I once interviewed Susan Lucci and Colin Powell for the same segment: about dolls made in their likenesses. Riveting news.
12. The last piece of meat I ate was in high school: a Bambi burger from the Bambi bar. No, that's not venison. It's a burger joint in Louisville.
13. My mother is Jewish and my father is Catholic, which means I can never marry Prince William, unless he wants to give up the throne. No Protestant blood flows within me:(
14. I am obsessed with the last-minute vacation deals on, and wonder if I might go to Jamaica this afternoon. It's under $600.
15. When I lived in New York, I was once driven home in a motorcade.
16. I secretly love doing my taxes.
17. My favorite number is 17.
18. I would love to go to graduate school for the rest of my life, but instead insist on going the library at least once a week.
19. I pay the library a lot of money in fines.
20. I love my job because I get to see people smile and enjoy themselves. When I worked in news, it was all heartache and destruction. I prefer making people feel good.
21. I once flew to Omaha, Nebraska, to audition for Teen Jeopardy! I did not make the show, but the captain of our high school's rival Quick Recall team won the entire Teen Jeopardy! championship that year.
22. I did not date in high school. Not surprising.
23. My second instrument is the cello, but I quit orchestra in the 7th grade to join the chorus. I can still play the cello, but I wish I could reeeeeeeally play the cello.
24. I am terrible at sports, but I have never lost a game of croquet.
25. My birthday is July 25, and my Amazon Wish List Registry is: Tee hee hee.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for reading. My creativity another day.

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