Sunday, May 25, 2008

Am I a weakling?

When I was a kid, I remember my friends were always having to go get allergy shots. I thought I was the strong one. My friends were always sick, missing school, blowing their weak little noses, and I was sniffle-free in my school desk, quietly memorizing my state capitals.

It's payback time.

Living in grass-free New York City for six year destroyed all immunity I had to the Ohio Valley. When I moved back to Louisville several years ago, I had what I thought was a year-long bronchitis.

One of the most joyful days I can remember is when Claritin went over-the-counter.

But the past few weeks in Louisville have been absolutely horrific on my respiratory system. I don't know if the pollens are out of control, if my dehumidifier is failing me in the basement, or if I have finally developed an immunity to Claritin.

I've tried loads of allergy meds. I've done the local honey thing. I'm about to try bee pollen, at the suggestion of a friend. Really, I hate taking medications. I'd rather just eat right and not put crap into my body.

So yesterday, I got a neti pot. I first heard about them from Six Feet Under. Then my friend Wendy came through Louisville on tour a few weeks ago, and she brought her trusty neti pot with her. After this weekend of playing loads of shows and being unable to breathe, I decided to go for it.

The lovely Catherine at Whole Foods picked out a cute little turquoise neti pot for me and did a great mime imitation of how to use it. And when I got home, I poured warm salt water up my nose and it drained out the other one, along with a whole bunch of icky gook. Then I blew my nose for about five minutes. Then I could breathe. I could taste things. Amazing.

I've done it three times so far. We'll see if it can fix my clogged clogged sinuses for good.

Here's a funny video of how to use a Neti Pot. It's just some random lady on YouTube -- not me.

* * * *

The CD Release show was fun fun fun.
The Air Devils Inn show was fun fun fun.
My trip to Chicago was grand. More about that another time.
Next week, I'll be in Nashville, Louisville, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Toledo.
I can't wait!!

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