Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Flashy clothes and salsa music

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I went to Nashville on Friday to play one gig with Danny Salazar, a fantastic singer/songwriter who writes mostly in Spanish. It was good practice for my ears, both musically and linguistically. I studied Spanish for thirteen (13) years, and taught ESL at a school in the Lower East Side in New York City. But I've been learning French for the past few years, so my Spanish vocabulary is lacking and confused. I can understand everything people are saying, but when it comes time to word retrieval, I am at a loss.

Anyway, we played at an elementary school as part of the Roots Music Education program, and afterwards, I went to visit Megan at Noshville (Hi, Megan!). Danny joined me at the counter, and I was explaining my absolutely love for sitting at the counter. (I'll do a separate blog entry on counters). He was telling me about another gig I should play with him the following day, a birthday party for Manuel, the designer. Manuel designed the Sgt. Pepper suits, Johnny Cash's man-in-black, and Porter Wagoner's flashy Nudie suits. He's old, but he's a charmer. So i decided to stay in Nashville another day and play the party.

But then, out of the blue, who walks into the Noshville and sits at the counter? Manuel! So I did something I've never done before, and sent him a birthday treat from across the counter. Megan dug up a candle, stuck it in a Black & White cookie, and delivered the surprise.

The next day was wild fun up at Manuel's Mountain. The man has a stage on his property, and there was beautiful country music all day long, like Rosie Flores, and many others. Danny Salazar was the hit of the party though with his Latin dance grooves (and that hot chick accordion player!).
Margaritas were a-flowin', and people were a'dancin'.

Good times.
Here is a sideways picture of us because no matter how many times I rotate it, it continues to be sideways, and I am tired of trying to fix it. Just cock your head a little to the left.
Manuel and Brigid

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