Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip, Day 3: Austin, Day 1

Road Trip, Day 3: Austin, Day 1
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I think Road Rage could be prevented if everyone had an iPhone. Everytime I got stuck in traffic today, I just put the car in "park" and googled something about my whereabouts. For instance, I learned that the "Wm Cannon Dr" exit in Austin is so-named because William Cannon was a hero in the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. I also learned that Lewisville Lake, just outside of Dallas, is man-made. It's beautiful. But man-made? Crazy.

Anyway, I barely noticed when I was stalled in traffic because of all the interesting facts I learned.

Today, all I listened to were podcasts of "This American Life." They took me all the way to Austin.

I squealed upon seeing Lyzz, my college roommate. I am not a squealer, but long absences from Lyzz turn me into one.

We ate brunch at Threadgill's, where Janis Joplin used to play. Then we got a cupcake from the expensive cupcake stand in South Congress.

We also invented a game: Find the band.

You see, it's South by Southwest, the time of year when Austin is invaded by outsider bands. It's quite simple to spot what group of hipsters are the band. They generally wear darker colors than the natives, in shades of greys and browns. They have oddly shaped eyeglasses, and are usually wearing scarves with t-shirts. Seeing as it is easy to spot the band, we decided the more challenging game would be: spot the drummer in said band. The only way to get points is to first, call your shot (i.e. who is the drummer). Then you must approach the group and ask which one is the drummer, not whether or not they are a band.

We thought it was easy as could be until we realized that the first half of this week is the SXSW Film Festival. Those Film Guys throw everything off. Film guys and indie-rockers have strikingly similar wardrobes.

Things could get challenging.

In other news: had dinner with a friend from Atlanta at Chuy's. Love the chips-n-salsa. Filled up on chips-n-salsa, then continued to order dinner. Why does this always happen?
I went back to Lyzz's and was prepared to crash, when my pal Al texted me about dancing at Momo's on West 6th Street. Let it be known that i rarely turn down a real dancing invitation.

What does tomorrow hold? Maybe: the Alamo! Or at least a visit to the flagship Whole Foods.

Now for the numbers:

Jesus Billboard Count: 29
Semis who drove off-the-road: 9
Roadkill: 72
Jumpsuits in the Sincerely Elvis Museum: 56
Number of times received Jack Daniels when asked for "bourbon and coke": 1
Number of times ordered "bourbon and coke": 1

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