Friday, March 14, 2008

LBJ, Hipsters, and Sunscreen. SXSW Day 6ish

LBJ, Hipsters, and Sunscreen. SXSW Day 6ish
Did I mention how Lyzz and Josh are grownups? Well, Josh is playing Guitar Hero right now. Of course, he’s playing it on his HUGE plasma TV that he got with his J-O-B. What is it with the Guitar Hero obsession? Everyone I know, except people who actually play guitar, is obsessed. If only they spent as much time practicing the guitar, as they do playing Guitar Hero.

I prefer Accordion Hero.

Quick Recap of What I’ve done the past couple of days:
I spent some time this week at the LBJ Ranch in Johnson City, just outside of Austin. It’s a beautiful drive, and the ranch is open to the public. I took a relaxing walk several times around the property, and swung on the porch swing at LBJ’s boyhood home. I’ve got a thing for presidential trivia. It’s funny, but I never seem to be much into presidential trivia of the current president. I’ve eaten Tex Mex and more Tex Mex. Today, I went to the New West records party and heard the Old 97’s, Tim Easton, and Buddy Miller. Last night I heard Daniel Lanois for a bit, then got really tired and went to bed early. I tried to go hear Ben Sollee play with Bela Fleck tonight, but the show was running late and I had to pee and the bathrooms were in the venue and they wouldn’t let anyone inside and i got annoyed and i left.

I’ve done loads of meandering around by myself, which I love. I keep running into friends from Nashville and beyond; this place is like camp. At least for the industry folks, like my radio and press people.

The scenesters are a different beast.

Have any of you been to SXSW? It’s hipster central.

I love being at a point in my life where I just don’t care. Yes, that was me wandering down the street in the wide-brimmed cowboy hat. Because I don’t want a melanoma, and I’ve got plenty of freckles already. The kids who sneered at my hat are surely not reading this blog, so I don’t worry about offending them. Sneer away, pastie-emo-children! When you’re not allowed on your parents’ health insurance anymore, maybe you’ll start wearing wide-brimmed hats too.

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