Monday, February 11, 2008

a little sick

a little sick
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For the first time in my entire life, I am home sick today. Yes, I was that nerdy kid who never once missed a day of school (i have a silver bowl that says "12 Years Perfect Attendance"), and my TV producer job was too deadline-central to ever consider not showing up for work. I feel really guilty about having to cancel a few piano lessons today. I feel lazy because there are a million other things I need to do to prepare for my new record. But I've barely moved from bed since Friday night.

Nobody likes to read a blog about how someone else is sick. No one really likes to hear about anyone being sick. It's depressing and sad, and people sound like they are whining. (Note, i'm talking about colds, flus, fevers, not horrible illnesses like cancer.)

So rather than blog about how miserable I've been the past three days (i AM a Leo, so allow me a tiny bit of self-indulgence), I just wanted to point out the things that have made the weekend tolerable.

My dog Guinness. He is huge. 140ish pounds of Great Dane/Lab mix love. Normally he is not allowed in my bed. But as i went in and out of heat waves and total body chills, I found Guinness to be better than a blanket. Except when he stands up and accidentally stands on my kneecap, making me wonder if i'll need knee replacement surgery.

My parents. Normally, I am the most stubborn person in the world when it comes to asking for anything. I refuse help when I should be asking for it. This weekend, however, I succombed to total weakness -- my inability to go up the stairs to get water, to feed Guinness, to eat anything. Mom brought me vegetable broth and let the dog out. She sat in a rocking chair by my bed and watched me fall in and out of sleep. How boring am i? Dad brought me a smoothie this morning. Saturday he brought me a Winnie-the-Pooh thermomete (i obsessively took my temperature at least 5 times an hour when i was awake). It's like they actually like taking care of me.

Text messaging. Since i can barely talk, i love being able to converse over a text.

The Princess Bride. I haven't watched this in a few years, but it has long been my favorite. I was a bit apprehensive this afternoon, afraid that this might be one of those times when you watch a favorite childhood movie and realize it's total crap (Don't re-watch Pump Up the Volume). Thankfully, it holds up over time. Never gets boring. If only Peter Falk would come over and read me a story. (Did you know he had a glass eye since he was a kid? The things you learn when you do someone's A&E Biography).

My iPod. I cant' keep my eyes open long enough to read a book, so i've been listening to audiobooks and podcasts of This American Life and 60 Minutes.

Over-the-Counter meds. When the Man in Black told Andre the Giant that he would have a horrible headache upon his awakening, i suddenly felt a grand appreciation for Advil and Robitussin.

Having my own bathroom. I sleep in the basement, where I have my own bathroom. My bed is terribly uncomfortable though (it's a futon). Last night about 4am, i went upstairs to the guest bedroom to try to sleep on the comfy bed. At 5am, i tried to use my roommate's upstairs bathroom, but instead, basically fell into the cold, porcelain black hole. R's boyfriend seriously needs to learn to lower the toilet seat! Annoyed, i stumbled back down to my dungeon. The trade-off of the uncomfortable, cold dungeon, for a private bathroom, is totally worth it.

Do I sound too whiny?


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