Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Yee haw and away we go

Yee haw and away we go
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For those of you following along: I got my driver's license renewed.

This turned out to be an exciting event because the woman at the DMV recognized me ... "Are you Brigid the singer?!" I think she knew I must be famous because of the ballcap and sunglasses I was wearing -- a dead giveaway. Hee hee. This didn't really cause much of a stir there because, well, i'm not really famous. But she did let me cut a bit in line, and sent me straight to the photographer. A few other people were trying to figure out who i was, which, really, is no one, so that was funny. I think, perhaps, the key is to make people think they should know who you are. Sort of like those snotty indie-rock kids from college: "You've never heard of insert-stupid-band-name-including-gerund-and-plural-noun?!?!? Wow." Then, all of a sudden, you've heard of this terrible band.

Well, the impetus for this blog is that I am hitting the road with Peter Searcy next week to tour his new record Spark. We played a kick-ass show at Rock the Water Tower this weekend. I also played a fun solo show, in which i decided to play accordion and piano at the same time. I sold a bunch of CD's, thanks for the fine folks at Label X for walking around with the merchandise during my set.

Anyway, Peter and I are heading northeast, with stops in Dayton, Cleveland area, Albany, NYC, NJ, and Virginia. We're traveling as a 3-piece. I'm hoping to avoid the fast-food trap of the road. So if any folks in our destination cities have restaurant suggestions, come out to the show, then take me out to eat! (I'll have two bodyguards, so beware.) Also be on the lookout for video blogs, like the one featured here. I told Peter we're stopping at every mechanical bull or equivalent roadside attraction.

My favorite thing to to in Louisville lately has been to sing with some of my favorite musicians on Monday nights up here at Gerstle's. It's Steve Cooley, Larey Raley, and lately Stephen Couch, of the Betweeners ... i join in on vocals and musical saw on occasion. And last week, i took a big step and revealed to the world a never-before-seen-secret: I can yodel.

Upcoming shows:

HighlandsFest on Saturday, Sept. 8 in Louisville. My band plays for FREE at noon, immediately followed by Tim Krekel, followed by Peter Searcy. Then i hang out for an hour or so. THEN I go see John Prine at the Palace. Anyone out there need tickets? I have a friend who mentioned might have 2 extras for sale.

9/10-9/16 ... on the road

10/17 Going to see Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan in Louisville. If you're reading this, Elvis, can i sing with you? I'm not as tall as Emmylou, but I won't charge you.

Late October ... recording new CD.

December ... working out a UK tour, possibly to spread to the continent. If you've a fan, band, or venue in Europe, hit me up ... let's work out a show.

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