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Recent shows and various updates

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I have been informed by many folks that it is time for a new post here. you are correct!

Favorite recent shows:
July 25: Waterfront Park, Louisville. I played piano for Peter Searcy at WFPK's Waterfront Wednesday concert series. It was one of the biggest crowds ever ... over 3000 folks turned out. I can't remember hearing so many "happy birthdays." WFPK dj Duke Meyer announced that morning that it was my 61st birthday (ha ha), so everyone there was greeting me. My favorite moments was being pounced upon by a group of teenagers who performed a stirring rendition of the classic tune "Happy Birthday To You" while I was deep in conversation with WFPK's program director. Thanks for making me look famous, guys. Really, though, the show was great. Peter Searcy's band feels like a real band ... we rocked, and it showed. Follow that up with a great show by The Avett Brothers, and you know it was a great evening.

July 7: Earx-tacy Record Store Louisville, KY. I played a Brigid Kaelin Band show, and decided to bring out all the stops. Gotta love soundman extraordinaire, Jason Noble, for dealing with a 4-piece band with 9 instruments. It was a live in-store performance, and thanks for the prominent availability of my CD's, I sold enough copies that day to make the bestseller list at earx-tacy. Take that, Ryan Adams! The fabulous employees of earx-tacy (hello, boys and girl) also decided to slap one of those awesome green stickers on the jewel case that says: "Staff Pick." Whoever did that ... thanks:) It's my first time being a staff pick. That means a lot more than, say, a sticker that says, "My mom thinks I'm really talented. Buy me!" or "Once i got a review in the local alt-weekly. Buy me!" I also busted out the fiddle for the first time publicly ... and did a self-pleasuring rendition of the Devil Went Down to Georgia. The Accordion was Johnny, and the fiddle was the Devil. Give me time, and some more time with my scales... i have fallen in love with playing my fiddle.

Monday Nights at Gerstle's with Steve Cooley and friends:
We keep saying we're retiring the tune, but Larey Raley and I have gotten into a habit of singing the classic George & Tammy (I play the role of Tammy) duet "Golden Ring."
If you want bluegrass, there's no better in Louisville than this Monday night tradition. Steve is the master. Larry's voice is killer -- Larry, imagine what you could do if you quit smoking. And lately, Johnny Berry has been sitting in on guitar. I sometimes saw one up with the boys too -- literally, the saw (not a euphimism for bad fiddling). And sometimes i just stand there and pretend to be Emmylou, or Kitty, or Loretta, depending on the tune. I love singing those ol' school classics.

Other stuff
I did a few sessions in Nashville over the past month, for various folks, but I've been on the road elsewhere.

I spent a glorious week in Boulder, Colorado at the Radio & Records Triple A Summit. The best part was starting an impromptu campfire singalong wtih various program directors. Radio music directors are human jukeboxes. No lyric was forgotten, no chord unturned. We stayed up singing until 4am, at the foot of the mountains.

I'm going to start a new record, finally. I've been narrowing down songs, and trying to figure out what to do with it. I've got the travelling bug now. I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't matter where you're based these days. Travel is cheap, and i'm itchin' to go. Stay tuned for various life updates. If i cut my hair, or sign a major record deal, i'll let you know.

Guinness, my beautiful Great Dane mix, weighed in at 144.7 pounds this week. He is sleeping now, as he has done for the last year.

I've also recently started reading non-fiction again. Just found a book on my shelf that i'd never cracked, and became completely obsessed with learning about the history of smell. I just finished all about touch ... and am onto my new favorite: taste.

Anyone want to rent my house so i can hit the road?

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